Powder Trail



When David Stanton is implicated in a terrorist incident in Istanbul, his sister Bella is determined to discover the truth.  In her quest for answers, Bella stirs up family secrets that lead to unsuspected underworld connections and becomes caught up in the deadly conflict between Russian Mafia boss Nikolia Cyzinski and his ruthless adversary, Connor O’Hanlon.  Both men are in the business of death and betrayal and her attempts to evade them become increasingly perilous.


Kerim Demiral, a disgraced Turkish soldier, fighting memory loss and trauma, is forced back on duty at a sinister outpost in Cappadocia.  Its previous occupants have disappeared and he is expected to redeem his reputation by discovering why.  The last person he expects help from is Bella, a crazily dressed girl with magenta hair who is on the run with information that only top grade military personnel should possess.


Meanwhile, Masud Zamani, an Iraqi refugee, on a mission to avenge his murdered family, discovers that in Eastern Turkey whole villages are vanishing.


To avoid the global nightmare of vilence and death that is about to be unleashed, all must risk life, honour, integrity and love as they enter the shadow of world terrorism and biological warfare, where all moralities are blurred and only money matters.


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