Ruins of Immortal City



Sun Girna Ginar was the greatest of all the cities of man, yet no one remembers it. The old witch who sells dreams in bottles, not only claims she remembers, but says she was born there. In a time when gods walked with men, she says, Sun Girna Ginar ruled over the earth and Skyworld. She names the city’s greatest – the God-Sultan, General Marandang, and the hero Lam-Ang. She tells stories of the city’s lowest – the free man who faced the six-headed giant of Gawi-Gawen, the courtesan who stole the Sultan’s power, the slave who wanted only to escape the doomed city, and countless others. Through this sea of stories, she tells how the people of the city won their dreams, or lost them, and how she brought Sun Girna Ginar to its knees with little glass bottles of hope. She whispers of the city’s destruction by flood and fire, all fueled by the wrath of the gods, and the hatred of men.  In between her lies, she speaks of the mercy of forgetting and the redemption remembrance brings.

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