The Age of Umberage



The Age of Umbrage is a comic novel of class, history, and identity.

Guadalupe de Leon is being pulled apart by the aspirations of other people. Her mother wants her to fulfill her dream: to immigrate to America and enjoy the good life. Her mother’s employers, the super-wealthy Almagros, want her to stay with them as mascot, fan, and reminder of their goodness. Her school wants her to become a great scientist. Her classmates want her to be just like them. All she wants is to read books, watch movies, and feed stray cats. What is to become of her?

Among the rich people she feels like a gatecrasher, but among her own relatives she feels like a mutant. Among the smart kids she feels like an idiot, but among other kids she’s regarded as a freak. From her unique vantage point, Guada observes the forms and rituals of class in the Philippines.  

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