The Miscreant



James Burke was a 14-year-old drug dealer and burglar in 1979 when a young boy named John Pius was found suffocated to death with stones stuffed down his throat in the suburban town of Smithtown, New York. After serving as a key witness in the haunting, conspiracy-plagued murder trial that followed, Burke set out a plan to join law enforcement. His goal – to break the law without consequences.

The Miscreant, a new narrative non-fiction book, is an inside account of how Burke rose to become Chief of Police for Suffolk County, New York, one of America’s largest and most powerful police forces, only to implode under the scrutiny of the FBI under allegations of torture, sexual abuse, and corruption in 2016.

The Miscreant will appeal to all fans fans of true crime, anyone who has followed Burke’s story in New York tabloids and any of the obsessive followers of the Pius murder, and the Long Island Serial Killer case.

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