The Rhombus



Set in present-day Nairobi, The Rhombus tells the story of DUNCAN BERNARDO, mid-thirties American expatriate, pastor of the U.S.
charity-funded Church. We meet Duncan on his way to the airport to pick up an old college friend and crush, NICE, now an aid worker based
in Somalia.

At immigration, Nice is singled out by a policeman named HINGA. She is nervous, as she is muling drugs. Unbeknownst to Nice, Hinga has been hired by Nice’s drug-dealer boyfriend TOOGOOD, back in Mogadishu, to see her through safely. Hinga intends to double-dip on his deal with – Toogood getting paid for granting safe passage, then taking Nice’s drugs himself. Hinga lets Nice through.

On the way back from the airport, Duncan’s car is run off the highway by a pickup sent by Hinga. Duncan awakes to find himself held captive
by Hinga and a witch doctor named CHARO. Nice is gone. In Duncan’s quest to get her back, he will be a square getting leaned on: the
titular rhombus.

There is obvious tension between Duncan’s captors because Charo knows it is bad business to double-cross Somali drug dealers. Charo would be happy with a cash ransom, because she is the sole provider for her 23-year-old son, EDMUND, from whom she is estranged.

Hinga is killed in a lynching, and Charo takes control, telling Duncan that she will release Nice in exchange for a ransom. When Duncan goes
home to arrange the cash, Charo harvests the drugs from Nice’s belly,unintentionally killing Nice. But just before Nice dies, she hands Charo a note intended for Duncan. Charo thinks Toogood only wants his drugs, and will not care if the messenger (Nice) is dead.

The note says that Nice was pregnant, the father is the Somali drug lord Toogood, and that Nice had wanted to use the muling money to return to Canada and restart her life as a cancer patient and,hopefully, mother.

Meanwhile, in panicked desperation, Duncan abducts Edmund. Charo is furious and insists on going to Edmund’s place. But Edmund is gone.
Toogood calls, explaining that he found Edmund and has taken him as insurance.

In a safe house deep in the forest, Charo hands Toogood the drugs. But he is still violently angry, for he truly loved Nice, in his own way.
Charo, afraid that Toogood may harm Edmund, kills Toogood. Edmund is deeply moved by his mother’s bravery. But just as they are reunited,
Edmund is killed in the cross fire.

Edmund’s death undoes Charo. Her son was the only thing keeping her from embracing the dark side. Duncan must preserve Nice’s reputation,
and only Charo has the keys to the dungeon where Nice’s body is. In return, Charo demands that Duncan give her access to the church’s
trucks, which she will use to move the drugs she has taken from them. To avenge her son, Charo declares war on Toogood’s gang. She will become the first female Kenyan drug lord.

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