Wanderers All



Set in Mumbai, Goa and the Konkan, and across two timelines, Wanderers, All is the story of a failed actor-turned-police officer during the Independence movement.

Murli aspires to be a part of Bombay’s vibrant theatre scene in the early 1900s but fails to land a part and becomes a wrestler. A serendipitous meeting with a British police officer at a local akhada leads to his employment in the Bombay City Police, marking the beginning of a stellar career. His life, however, is complicated by his troubled marriage with a supporter of the freedom struggle. The plot combines elements of theatre and politics in historical Bombay, and throws up questions of his divided loyalty.

The parallel narrative is a present-day travelogue by Kinara – Murli’s great-granddaughter – of her solo road trip through the beaches, parties and villages of Goa where she encounters friends, finds romance and, eventually, solitude.

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